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Leaders In Technology & Digital
Advisory to Private Equity &
Mid-Market Companies


Intology is a leading specialist in technology and digital advisory firm with a sole focus on Private Equity & Mid-Market sectors.

Wherever you are in the investment life cycle –at the point of acquisition, during a period of ownership or approaching a potential exit –we help you maximise exit value.

Investment Life Cycle Support

Buy-Side Due Diligence

An independent, commercially focused bespoke assessment, for a financial or strategic buyer, of a target’s technology or digital platforms and operations, with a particular focus on matters that may affect valuation, post-deal performance and operational 


Value Enhancement / Managed Interim Services

Driven by growth agendas and performance issues during ownership, we offer a range of services that are designed to add value.


For example, strategic alignment of technology with the business, transition management, operational improvement, technology and vendor selection, programme management and assurance, disruptive technology evaluation, IP protection etc.

Exit Readiness Services

Undertaken with a buyer’s eye, this is an assessment of what needs to be done prior to exit to optimise technology or digital

value at the point of sale.


Sell-Side Due Diligence

An independent assessment of a vendor’s technology or digital operations plus vendor support during buyer scrutiny.

Transaction Advisory Services (Buy-side)

Our Core Services

  • Technology Due Diligence for Private Equity

  • technology Due Diligence for M&A

Value Propositions

  • Commercially-focused, pragmatic insight from a relevant expert into:

    • The major strengths, weaknesses and risks of the technology and IT platforms and operations in the context of the business plan;

    • The commercial implications of any material weaknesses and risks for both the deal and for the investee company post-completion;

    • Opportunities for enhancing value through the better deployment of technology.


  • Recommendations and roadmap included, with relative priorities and indicative costs for mitigating any risks and weaknesses;

  • The output is an actionable report. The recommendations form an important part of the 100-day plan and overall value enhancement strategy.

  • We’re available to provide continuity beyond deal completion by supporting and adding value to the portfolio company.

Transaction Advisory Services (Sell-side)

Core Services

  • Exit Readiness

  • Vendor Due Diligence

Value Propositions

  • A clear understanding of the extent to which tech / IT operations are fit for purpose, in the eyes of a buyer, and what action (if any) needs to be undertaken prior to sale.

  • Expert feedback is provided as to where the greatest value lies (or, at the very least, the greatest strengths) in the tech / IT operations so that this can be optimised prior to and highlighted during the sale process.

  • Expert feedback is also provided with regard to any material weaknesses or risks and how these might be handled (if not addressed prior to sale) during buyer scrutiny.

  • Assuming any recommendations are acted upon, it allows the company to demonstrate to potential buyers that its technology environment is well-managed and fit for purpose.

  • It facilitates a smooth sale process and is an important contribution towards maximising (shareholder) value on exit.

  • Value drivers and key strengths will be independently validated and clearly highlighted. 

  • Provides early and direct visibility of any issues that may impact a buyer’s interest (forewarned is forearmed).

  • Helps the vendor to optimise control of the sale process. 

  • Helps the vendor to prepare for buyer Q&A. Affords the buyer less opportunity to price chip.

  • Facilitates a smooth sale process and makes an important contribution towards maximising (shareholder) value on exit.

Partner with Intology for flawless execution in Mergers and Acquisitions.

In the constantly changing landscape of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), the importance of business intricacies and technology cannot be overstated. These factors serve as a key component in measuring the success of such ventures, providing a robust basis for efficient consolidation, thorough due diligence, and smooth merger transition. Our skilled team is adept at harnessing this potential to guarantee successful M&A outcomes.

Our dedicated M&A team takes pride in their accumulated years of experience in both the and business sectors.

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Richard Keenlyside

Director - Private Equity Specialist

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